Bounty Hunt


Duels to the death in the Wild Wild West


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Bounty Hunt is a first-person duelling game set in the Wild West. Players have to unsheathe their pistols as fast as possible in order to shoot your opponent before they shoot you first. Remember: just one shot can kill you.

Bounty Hunt duels always follow the same pattern, so typical of old western movies. Players need to hold up with their gun holstered until the very last moment. At that exact moment you'll have to slide your finger across the screen to shoot your rival. If your swipe was fast enough, you'll see the exact point where you shot your opponent—and you'll be able to continue shooting. If on the contrary, you lacked speed, your rival will shoot you dead.

Bounty Hunt has several different game modes. In practice mode you can shoot bottles to get an idea of how the game play works. In the story mode you'll be able to move forward on a map, while you hunt down dangerous criminals. And in 'quick duel' mode you'll have to deal with lots of enemies, one after the other, until you end up in a duel.

Bounty Hunt is a first-person shooting game that's original and fun. The whole game's overall feel fits perfectly with its gameplay. Graphics are also pretty good, and the game offers a variety of content (you'll find different scenarios, enemies and weapons).

Android 3.0 or higher required

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